Meeting Minutes

Meeting of September 19, 2022

As we unable to contact the Wahlen family for permission to use George Wahlen's name for our detachment. It was decided and voted unanimously by all members present to discontinue the Name of Lt Serge B. Simmons Detachment #1159 immediately and adopt the name North Wasatch Detachment #1159, Marine Corps League,Inc. as of 9/22/2022 Corporate papers and EIN with the IRS will be filled under this name.

Meeting of August 17, 2022

Topics discussed including possible other name for the Detachment if we are not able to get the permission for the name we want from the next of kin.

Meeting of July 20, 2022

Meeting Discussion covered IRS not even responding to us after 18 months of filing Form 990 with them and since we can not do anything without an EIN, by majority vote, it hass been decided to Drop our name and form a new organization with a new Detachment name. We will be seeking permission from the George E. Wahlen family to name our detachment aftter him.

Meeting of June 15, 2022

Meeting Cancelled due to only one membr showing up

Meeting of May 18, 2022

Meeting cancelled due to only one member available for the meeting. Next month's meeting will be June 15. Up for discussion will be name change for the detachment to get our tax exempt status and EIN back.

Meeting of April 20, 2022

As this month was suppose to be Nominations and Elections and ONLY 3 people showed up for the meeeing neither were held. NO current status on our tax exempt status as of yet. Next month's meeting will be May 18.

Meeting of March 16, 2022

Only 4 members present, no quorum. It was decided that perhaps on Saturday, April 9, 2022 we could set up tables outside of WalMart on Wall Ave in Ogden to recruit new members. as we stil have not received out tax exempt reinstatement from the IRS we will only recruit and not solicite any donations. We will givee Marine Corps caps to those who join our detachment.

Meeting of February 16, 2022

Again, as there were only 4 members present, there was ono quorum. Commandant Setter advised those present he has purhased some Marine caps to be sold when we are able to set up tables for recuiting outside of stores as soon as our exempt status is reinstated by the IRS.

Meeting of January 19, 2022

As only 3 members showed up for meeting there was no quorum. Meeting was held at 1900 (7PM) Our Commandant, Ben Setter was installed as the Department of Utah Commandant by Albert Leiske, Assistant National Vice Commandant for the Rocky Mountain Division, Marine Corps League and a Past Commandant for the Department of Utah. Meeting was adjourned at 2000 (8:00PM)


Commandant, Ben Setter was sworn in as Department of Utah Commandant to replace Duane Smith, who has stepped down as Departmenr of Utah Commandant due to health reasons.

No meeting for December because of it's proximity to Christmas

Meeting of November 20, 2021

Again, due to low attendence, no quorum. Tax exempt status with IRS was disussed

Marine Corps Birthday Cake Ceremony, November 10, 2021

Our Marine Corps Cake Cutting Ceremonhy was held at noon and November 10, 2021 at the Golden Coral Restaurant here in Ogden. We had about 15 to 20 people in attendance. We had enough cake to feed everyone in the restaurant. Photos of our ceremony are listed elsewhere on this website.

Meeting of October 20, 2021

As there were not enough members to make a quorum, this months meeting was just a social gathering.

Meeting of September 15, 2021

Meeting called to order by Commandant Setter

Members present were Commandant Setter, Vice Commandant Roland Behunin, Paymaster Sheri Walker, Sgt-at-Arms Bob Palmer and Marine David Gardner

Items discussed were: 1. The upcomming Department of Utah elections and Convention located in St. George in January and hosted by the Utah Dixie Detachment.

2. IRS Tax exempt status has no update as IRS has not even completed the forms submitted in April this year.

3.Hosting the Detachments First Annual Marine Corps Birthday Cake Ceremony on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 for the Marine Corps 246th Birthday. Marine Dave Gardner has a sword that can be used for cutting the cake. Tables will be set up outside of Golden Corral, depending on weather, for recruiting/MCL information.

4. Discussion was made on combining the seperate accounts in our financial statement to one Savings account and one checking account to simplify finances. Marine Gardner made a motion that it be done and the motion was seconded by Marine Bob Palmer. Voting was unanimous to have accounts consolidated. Commandant Setter will complete that task as first opportunity. As their was not further business to conduct the meeting was closed and all returned to their homes. Next meeing will be September 15, 2021.

Meeting of August 18, 2021

Meeting called to order by Commandant Ben Setter at 1900.

Jr. Vice Commandant Bobby Cooksey excused as well as Sgt-at- Arms Bob Palmer.

No update on Tax Exempt status, except that the form 990s are still months behind in review as IRS is currently looking at forms submitted in April 2021.

Everyone expressed an interest in Going to a Raptors game at Linquest Stadium. More on that from Jr. Vice Commandant Bobby Cooksey when he returns next month

The 2022 Department of Utah Convention will be hosted by the Utah Dixie Detachment in St. George on January 28 and 29. The Convention will be held at the Holiday Inn Express, 1805 S. Crosby Way. The hotel is offering King and Queen rooms for $89.00/night with complimentqary breakfast Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is on their own to reserve their rooms and the cutoff date for that rate will be January 3, 2022. Phone number to reserve Rooms is (435) 628-8007. All members are encouraged to attend as lack of attendence and support for the convention will preclude them hosting any other conventions for the Marine Corps League.

We will be hosting a Marine Corps Birthday cake cutting ceremony at the Ogden Golden Corral at noon on Wednesday, November 10, 2021. Everyone is make sure the word gets out to all Marines.

As their was nothing else to disucss the meeting was adjourned at 1950.

Next meeting is September 15, 2020 at 1900.

Meeting of July 21, 2021

Meeting called to order by Jr. Vice Commandant Bobby Cooksey at 1900.

Commandant Ben Setter in the VA hospital

There is no current update yet from the IRS concerning the reinstatement of our tax exempt Status. The forms were submitted in June

and the receipt notice from the IRS wasf stamped by the IRS and returned to us in late July>

There will be an emergency election for the Department of Utah and Ben Setter has been nominated by our detachment for the position

of Vice Commandant for the Department of Utah.

Items discussed during the meeting;

MCL Birthday and activities we can do such as; the Bees, Raptors, Decorate the Christmas Tree at the George E. Wahlen Veterans

Home, Transmittal forms and resubmissions of death notices that the HQ didn't receive.

Meeting was adjourned at 1945.

Minutes of June 16, 2021

As there were enough members present for a quorum with the following members:

Sheri Walker, David Gardner, Bobby Cooksey, Ben Setter, Roland Behuin, the meeting called to order by Commandant Setter at 1900

Marine Bob Palmer was sworn in and a Quorum was present

nominations for following officers were made:

Commandant - Ben Setter

Sr. Vice Commandant - Roland Behunin

Jr. Vice Commandnat - Bobby Cooksey

Judge Advocate - None

Jr. Past Commandant - None

Adjutant/Paymaster - Sheri Walker

Chaplain - Bobby Cooksey

Sgt - at -Arms - Bob Palmer

Any positions not filled by elections will be appointed by the commandant

As there were no opposing nominations, voting was unanimous for all the above officers.

Topics discussed at meeeting:

1. Toys for Tots will be passed from the Marine Corps Reserved to the Marine Corps league.

2. What the Detachment do about being a charitable organization.

3. Motion was made and passed to donate $500.00 to the George E. Wahlen VA Veterans ho,me in Ogden.

4. No new news on the Tax Exempt Status of the Detachment by the IRS yet.

5. Motion was made and passed for the meeting to adjourn at 2000.

6. Next meeting will be held on July 21, 2021

Minutes of May 19, 2021

As 5 members were present a quorum was assembled and meeting called to order by Commandant Setter at 1900

Officers in Attendence:

Commandant Setter

Chaplain Cooksey

Adjutant/Paymaster Walker absence was excused

1. Commandant Setter went over list of items covered by the Nortern Watsatch Veterans Counsil Minutes.

2. He also listed the Offices that would need to be filled by nomination, election and and the officers installed at next months meeting.

3. The IRS form 990 EZs for the missing years have been completed and mailed to the IRS. Results from IRS are pending.

4. Flyers for the Free car show in Layton in June were pass out to members.

5. The need for more new members was discussed and the possibility of taking out an add in the local newspaper was brought up.

6. As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1945.

7. Next months meeting on June 16 was announced.